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RF Componenents

We use RF components in some of our equipment, and our purchasing power often means we can offer competitive pricing for small quantities. In addition we usually have stock or forward orders in place, meaning that you can shorten lead times for those hard to get items.

Parts normally in stock or on order are as follows:

TypeFunctionFrequency Range
Phase AdjusterManual, 30 degrees/GHz10-14.5GHz
Phase AdjusterMotorised, 24V d.c. coil and position feedback, 60 degrees/GHz0-18.2GHz
Splitter2-way, SMA connectors11.75-18.2GHz (& others)
IsolatorsSMA connectors10-15GHz
Coaxial SwitchTransfer switch, latching, 24V common positive coils, indicators (tellbacks) SMA connectors0-18GHz
(See also our IF coaxial switches)
Schottky LimitersSMA connectors900-2000MHz
Schottky detectorsSMA connectorsto 18GHz