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DDS0314 Remote Waveguide Switch Buffer

The DDS0314 may be used to buffer the drive to a waveguide switch, in circumstances where the distance from the controller to the switch would otherwise require a substantial cable to minimise volt drop. It is particularly cost-effective in situations where only one or two waveguide switches are to be controlled, or where it is impracticable to use a remote serial link configuration.

The DDS0314 is sited adjacent to the waveguide switch, and may be operated in one of two modes:
a) Local power supply - a 24-28V supply capable of providing the full switching current is available close to the switch
b) Local power reservoir - a large electrolytic capacitor is trickle-charged from any available 24-28V supply; either local or from the distant controller. This then provides sufficient energy to control the switch on demand.

Several DDS0314 may share one power supply or reservoir capacitor, providing it is able to meet the demands placed upon it.

The DDS0314 is available in a number of mounting arrangements:
a) 3U 19" rack mount with front panel
b) DIN rail mount

The DDS0314 is directly compatible with the range of waveguide switch controllers produced by Double D Electronics Ltd, including the DDA70, DDA86, DDA219 and DDA224, including connector types and pinouts. It can be used with virtually any industry-standard switch having at least one set of tellbacks. Switch lock status inputs are also available.

Data Sheet: DDS0314.PDF.