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DDA249 Network Interface - 10/100BaseT

DDA249 Network Interface

The DDA249 is a general purpose controller for coaxial and similar switching systems. Its primary comms interface is an industry standard 10/100BaseT network port, allowing it to be integrated within other corporate infrastructure. The standard unit includes control and configuration via web browser and Telnet; control and monitoring is also available via Modbus TCP/IP, and other protocols can be provided if required.

The DDA249 is a general-purpose networked I/O platform, and as such can be tailored to suit many applications. It includes alarm inputs which can be used to trigger switching, or whose status can be made available over the network interface. There are also a number of control outputs within the unit.

A popular application is to control switching. A wide range of switch types are supported, including IF coaxial (50ohm or 75ohm) and SHF coaxial, with the option of both transfer and multi-way switching. The switch types may be mixed within the unit, subject to available panel space. Typically a 1U high unit can accommodate two IF switches, or four SHF switches.

The simplest DDA249 has no front panel display, making the unit ideal for remote control, switching and data gathering applications. A display can be provided where required. The DDA249 can optionally be provided with a standard serial port, which supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 applications. Typically the serial protocol will be compatible with other devices, such as the DDA70 waveguide switch controller or the DDA75 I/O unit.

Data Sheet: DDA249.PDF.