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DDA237-XXX RF Amplifiers including 1+1 Redundancy Controller

DDA237-XXX RF Amplifier

The DDA237 is a rack mount amplifier with inbuilt redundancy switching. It is based on the DDA219 redundancy controller, offering compatible interfaces and the same serial protocol. The DDA237 includes two RF amplifiers; their gain and performance, as well as the RF connectors used, depends on the option chosen. In most configurations each amplifier has its own regulated power supply, derived from the internal dual-fed power bus. Each amplifier is monitored for faults (power supply current); fault status for each amplifier is available on a relay contact.

A wide range of amplifiers can be incorporated into the unit; including IF coaxial (50ohm or 75ohm BNC), L-Band, wideband or SHF with SMA or N-type connectors. Two integral transfer switches connect the internal amplifiers into a symmetrical 1+1 redundant configuration; both main and standby paths are available through the rear panel coaxial connectors.

Local control is available through the front panel; this also gives status. The DDA237 includes a remote monitoring & control port supporting 4-wire RS-485 and RS- 232. It uses the same protocol and command set as the DDA219, which is compatible with the larger DDA70 family as well as the DDA69/DDA78 1+1 controllers.

Data Sheet: DDA237.PDF.