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DDA235, DDA251 Single Remote Waveguide Switch Controller

The DDA235/DDA251 may be used to remotely control waveguide switches over a serial link, eliminating the problems of voltage drop associated with long cable runs. The unit is in a DIN-Rail mount format, reflecting the need for such units to be mounted in equipment cabinets adjacent to the waveguide network rather than being rack mounted.

The units are powered from 24-28V d.c. to give maximum flexibility. On the DDA235, a summary alarm output reports both power supply and waveguide switch faults.

The waveguide switch interface can be used with virtually any industry-standard switch having at least one set of tellbacks. Switch lock status inputs are also available. For monitoring and control the DDA235/DDA251 supports two industry-standard serial protocols, and the command set is compatible with the DDA70 and other waveguide switch controllers produced by Double D Electronics Ltd.

The units support 4-wire RS-485, which allows connection of multiple units onto a single cable. The connector types and pinouts are compatible with the range of waveguide switch controllers produced by Double D Electronics Ltd, including the DDA70, DDA86, DDA219 and DDA224.

Data Sheet: DDA235.PDF.