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DDA226-XXX Modular IF Amplifier Subsystem

The DDA226-XX provides up to nine IF amplifier channels, covering the frequency band used for IF in satcom and other applications. Each amplifier is contained in a separate module, allowing one channel to be replaced without affecting the rest of the unit.

In the simplest configuration the unit provides a number of independent amplifiers, with individual BNC connections for input and output. An optional internal splitter turns the unit into a distribution amplifier, accepting a single input and generating up to eight individually buffered outputs.

A further option adds redundancy switching capabilities similar to those provided by the DDA89, giving a 1+8 amplifier subsystem in a 6U rack.

Each amplifier module incorporates power supply current monitoring to detect most faults. As standard each amplifier has a fault status indicator, and the overall unit has a summary alarm output. Individual alarms may be made available as an option.

The complete unit is powered from dual modular power supplies, each of which is capable of supplying the full power requirement.

The unit has been designed for simple maintenance - any individual amplifier or power supply may be exchanged without removing the unit from the rack, and without additional disruption to service.

A number of other options are available, including different amplifier gains and different mounting arrangements; please contact the factory to discuss these.

Data Sheet: DDA226.PDF.