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DDA224-XXX Low Cost 1+1 Switch Controller & Redundancy Controller


The DDA224 is a general purpose controller for 1+1 switching systems using coaxial or waveguide switches, and includes automatic redundancy facilities. Its compact size makes it ideal for mobile use, and other applications where space is at a premium.

A wide range of switch types are supported, including IF coaxial (50ohm or 75ohm), SHF coaxial and waveguide. Input and output switches may be different types, giving support for a wide range of equipment including HPAs, up and down converters, LNAs, LNBs and modems.

There is a separate connector for alarms from each protected equipment chain, with support for up to three fault signals from each chain. There is a mute output available for each chain, which is active during switching (it can be ignored if none required). For applications requiring remote monitoring and control a serial link can be provided as an optional module. It can support both 4-wire RS-485 and RS-232, and is compatible with the command set of the larger DDA70 family.

The front panel provides local control and status. A number of standard front panel mimics can be supplied, including a generic layout and some showing typical redundancy configurations. Alternatively custom mimics can be provided, based on the standard indicator and switch positions.

Data Sheet: DDA224.PDF.

See also DDA219 1+1 redundancy controller with redundant power supplies