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DDA220 Dual L-Band Combiner/Amplifier


The DDA220 provides and signal combining and amplification facilities for satellite transmit subsystems in earth stations. For each transmit path up to eight input signals may be combined. This signal is then amplified before being split into two outputs, each with a variable attenuator accessible on the front panel. The gain is adjustable over a 20dB range, typically from -6 to +14dB or from -20 to 0dB.

The DDA220 includes fully redundant power supplies for the internal amplifiers, with any failure being signalled both on front panel indicators and via a summary alarm output.

The RF path covers the full extended L-Band of 950-2150MHz, and uses robust N-type connectors for all external connections. Terminators are supplied for the RF outputs.

Data Sheet: DDA220.PDF.