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DDA212 Dual LNB Power Supply and Splitter

DDA212 Dual LNB

The DDA212 provides power and signal distribution facilities for satellite receive subsystems in earth stations. Comprehensive current and voltage monitoring facilities, under the control of a microprocessor, give rapid detection and indication of faults. This information is available via an optional 4-wire RS-485 serial port - ideal for unmanned sites, since it gives better visibility of the situation rather than a simple 'pass/fail'.

Distributed power regulation is employed to minimise the effects of single point failures.

Dual mains inputs and primary switch mode power supplies generate the internal power bus and provide the first line of redundancy. Each LNB feed and internal amplifier then has its own secondary linear power regulator for best regulation and noise performance.

All supply voltages and currents for both the LNBs and the internal amplifiers are monitored using a microprocessor to filter and process the readings, and simplify setup. Parameters monitored include LNB voltage and current, internal amplifier voltage and current, and primary power supply voltages. These are then filtered and averaged before comparing against limits.

All nominal values for a channel are set up by a single press of a rear panel pushbutton.

A range of tolerances may be set for the LNB current, using an internal DIP switch. The unit may also be configured via the RC&M port - ideal for unmanned sites.

The RF path covers the full extended L-Band of 950-2150MHz, and uses robust N-type connectors for all external connections (with an option for BNC connections on the RF outputs). Terminators are supplied for the RF outputs.

Data Sheet: DDA212.PDF.